Longyue Wang

NLP Centre, AI Lab, Tencent

Longyue is a researcher at Tencent AI Lab. He has received his B.Sc. degree in Network Engineering in 2011, and M.Sc. degree in Software Engineering in 2014. From 2015 to 2018, he pursued Ph.D. at Dublin City University, supervised under Prof. Qun Liu and Prof. Andy Way. In 2018, he got his Ph.D. degree in Computer Applications. Longyue has studied and practiced in a broad field of natural language processing (NLP) including Chinese word segmentation, named entity, discourse parsing, grammatical error correction and machine translation. Currently, his research interests are neural machine translation (NMT) including discourse awareness, domain adaptation, representation learning, and low-resource (e.g. Chinese-Portuguese). He has published over 30 papers in leading NLP journals and conferences such as MT, ACL, EMNLP, NAACL, AAAI, etc.

Email: vincentwang0229 [AT] gmail [DOT] com
Tel: +86 755 86013388 - 57508
Address: L08F059, Netac Building, High-Tech Sixth South Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China


  • 2019/11: one AAAI 2020 paper
  • 2019/06: EAMT Best Thesis Award
  • 2019/08: three EMNLP 2019 papers
  • 2019/05: two ACL 2019 papers
  • 2019/02: two NAACL 2019 papers

Academic Qualifications

2015 - 2018

Ph.D. in Computer Applications
Dublin City University (DCU)
Supervisor: Prof. Qun Liu and Prof. Andy Way
Thesis: Discourse-Aware Neural Machine Translation

2011 - 2014

M.Sc. in Software Engineering
University of Macau (UM)
Supervisor: Prof. Derek F. Wong and Prof. Lidia S. Chao
Thesis: Domain Adaptation for Statistical Machine Translation

2007 - 2011

B.Sc. in Network Engineering
Shandong University of Science and Technology (SUST)
Supervisor: Prof. Wenxue Wei

Academic Experience




  • 2018/02-2018/06 Lab Tutor at DCU Statistical Machine Translation (CA4012)
  • 2017/01-2017/06 Lab Tutor at DCU Introduction to Programming (CA146)
  • 2017/01-2017/06 Lab Tutor at DCU Statistical Machine Translation (CA4012)
  • 2016/02-2016/06 Lab Tutor at DCU Introduction to Programming (CA146)
  • 2014/09-2014/10 Teaching Assistant at UM Natural Language Processing (SFTW462)
  • [Full List]

Selected Publications

Please go to [Full List] or [Google Scholar] to see all my publications.

Go from the General to the Particular: Multi-Domain Translation with Domain Transformation Networks

Yong Wang, Longyue Wang, Shuming Shi, Victor Li, and Zhaopeng Tu
AAAI 2020 [pdf]

One Model to Learn Both: Zero Pronoun Prediction and Translation

Longyue Wang, Zhaopeng Tu, Xing Wang, and Shuming Shi
EMNLP 2019 [pdf]

Assessing the Ability of Self-Attention Networks to Learn Word Order

Baosong Yang, Longyue Wang, Derek Wong, Lidia S. Chao, and Zhaopeng Tu
ACL 2019 [pdf]

Convolutional Self-Attention Networks

Baosong Yang, Longyue Wang, Derek Wong, Lidia S. Chao, and Zhaopeng Tu
NAACL 2019 [pdf]

Learning to Jointly Translate and Predict Dropped Pronouns with a Shared Reconstruction Mechanism

Longyue Wang, Zhaopeng Tu, Andy Way, and Qun Liu.
EMNLP 2018[pdf]

Translating Pro-Drop Languages with Reconstruction Models

Longyue Wang, Zhaopeng Tu, Shuming Shi, Tong Zhang, Yvette Graham, Qun Liu
AAAI 2018[pdf] [bitex] [poster]

Exploiting Cross-Sentence Context for Neural Machine Translation

Longyue Wang, Zhaopeng Tu, Andy Way, Qun Liu
EMNLP 2017[pdf] [bitex] [slides]

A Novel Approach for Dropped Pronoun Translation

Longyue Wang, Zhaopeng Tu, Xiaojun Zhang, Hang Li, Andy Way and Qun Liu
NAACL-HLT 2016[pdf] [bitex] [slides]

The Automatic Construction of Discourse Corpus for Dialogue Translation

Longyue Wang, Xiaojun Zhang, Zhaopeng Tu, Andy Way, Qun Liu
LREC 2016[pdf] [bitex] [slides]

Dropped Pronoun Generation for Dialogue Machine Translation

Longyue Wang, Xiaojun Zhang, Zhaopeng Tu, Hang Li, Qun Liu
ICASSP 2016[pdf] [bitex] [poster]

Awards & Campaign


  • 2019/06 2018 EAMT Best Thesis Award
  • 2017/07 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad (nominated)
  • 2016/04 Dublin City University Award for Engagement with Business/Industry
  • 2016/04 NAACL 2016 Student Travel Awards
  • 2015/06 Dublin City University Studentship
  • 2014/10 Excellent Graduate Student of University of Macau
  • 2014/05 ACL 2014 Student Travel Awards
  • 2013/09 Enterprise Ireland Commercialisation Fund Award
  • 2011/09 University of Macau Graduate Assistantship
  • 2011/09 University of Macau Student Fellowship
  • 2011/06 Excellent Graduate Student of Shandong University of Science and Technology
  • 2011/05 Excellent Graduate Student of Shandong Province
  • 2007/12-2010/05 Outstanding Undergraduate Scholarship (First Prize × 3, Second Prize × 2)


Year Name Result
2017 AI Challenger: English-Chinese Machine Translation (Bi-weekly Interim) 2nd Rank
2015 CoNLL 2015: Shallow Discourse Parsing 11st Rank
2014 CoNLL 2014: Grammatical Error Correction 5th Rank
2014 WMT 2014: Medical Translation Task 1st Rank
2013 CoNLL 2013: Grammatical Error Correction 3rd Rank
2012 CLP 2012 Bake-off: Micro-blog Word Segmentation 4th Rank
2012 CLP 2012 Bake-off: Chinese Name Disambiguation 6th Rank
2011 National Post-Graduate Mathematic Contest in Modeling 2nd Prize
2010 US Mathematical Contest in Modeling SP



UM Corpus

Two million English-Chinese data, which is categorized into eight different genres for machine translation.



Professional Services

  • 2020 AAAI conference Reviewer
  • 2019 ACL conference Reviewer
  • 2018 NAACL conference Reviewer
  • 2018 NLPCC conference PC Member
  • 2017 Machine Translation Reviewer
  • 2017 IJCNLP conference Reviewer
  • 2017 EACL conference Reviewer

Natural/Programming Languages

  • English: IELTS 6.5 (writing 7.0)
  • Mandarin Chinese: native speaker
  • Cantonese Chinese: studying
  • Python & Shell: 5 years
  • Java & C++: 1 year


  • 2018/01 The 17th Machine Translation Summit. (Award Talk)
  • 2018/01 The 1st International Workshop on Discourse Processing. (Invited Talk)
  • 2018/01 Sogou, Inc. (Invited Talk)
  • 2017/11 AI: Accelerating Impact (Demo & Poster Presentation)
  • 2017/11 Huawei's Video Intelligence Forum (Demo Presentation)
  • 2017/10 New Tranx Information Technology Co.,Ltd. (Invited Talk)
  • 2016/10 The 10th Annual Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference (Poster Presentation)
  • 2016/10 The 1st Deep Learning for Machine Translation (Attendee)
  • 2016/10 ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology (Poster Presentation)
  • 2014/07 The 5th Lisbon Machine Learning School (Monitor)
  • 2014/11 The 10th China Workshop on Machine Translation (Local Organization Committee)
  • 2014/01 Online course of Stanford University: Machine Learning (Accomplished)
  • 2013/07 The 3rd Lisbon Machine Learning School (Attendee)
  • 2012/12 The 15th Oriental COCOSDA Workshop (Local Organization Committee)

Social Experiences

  • 2010/08-2011/09 Deputy, 25th National Congress of the All-China Students’ Federation, Beijing
  • 2010/07-2010/09 Intern, Labor and Social Security Bureau, Tsingtao, China
  • 2009/05-2011/05 University Leader, Google Caring for China, Tsingtao, China
  • 2009/04-2010/05 President of Student Union of Shandong University Science and Technology
  • 2008/07-2008/09 Volunteer, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
  • 2007/08-2007/10 Volunteer, Research Center for Contemporary China

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